Acting is Reacting

In a home of incest I always felt like I was acting. I was given a role in the cast but I was never given a script. It’s a terrible way to live unless your reality is miserable and cannot be talked about.

Performers of the grandest kind often come from homes of neglect and abuse. We have been taught acting our entire lives.

When you feel miserable, smile. When you hurt, pretend you don’t. We you are writhing with intense pain, block it.

You have to get real good at it or you will not survive abusive homes.

Acting without a script.

Method acting is not used in criminally abusive homes. Growing up you never rely on personal experience and memory! Both your experience and your memory are to be thrown away.

To live authentically today is the hardest part of healing. I liked acting because it was what I was taught. No matter who I met, I could pretend.

Today, I’m Jodie. I don’t want to pretend and I don’t want to be around pretenders.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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