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Whatever the challenge is facing you today, I pray that you remember yourself. See yourself and be grateful you’ve made it this far.

Childhood tragedy and trauma are inexplicable. The person without the experience will never understand the trauma. Period. I don’t care how much you read about our experiences. I don’t care how much a psychologist talks to rape victims and survivors of childhood trauma – they just do not get it! They can’t.

Oh, books like The Body Keeps the Score by van Der Kolk and others do a fine job of telling us what we lived through and what it looks like to “them.” And, it does offer support to us. What is cannot offer is comfort when our bodies are recalling a traumatic scene and that recall is wrecking havoc in our being, our soul — our heart. Words don’t fix that – they can’t.

The books don’t explain how you heal from the broken heart that has been left in you or the suffering we have because of the rejection we feel – not just from the abuse but from a world that wants us to keep it all hidden. At all costs – we are told to keep it quiet. Think not? Share your story and see how often and how many are willing to give it time.

I stand with you today. Keep going. I get it. I lived through it. I bare the scars and understand the burden.

We are not alone. I serve a mighty God and He wars with us!

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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