The word means impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things. In other words, lacking in proper respect.

I have never met a pedophile that had proper respect for anything in life. And, I do mean anything, except themselves. They hold their own being in high esteem, but anything else means about nothing to them.

If the pedophile is a woman, she most likely hates men and you will hear about it. If the pedophile is a male, he probably hates woman. They hate anything but themselves. God is off the table for most pedophiles. Some hide behind a hypocritical veil of something that resembles a form of godliness.

Pedophiles are liars. It is the core of who they are.

To be in any kind of relationship with an unrepentant pedophile is based on sincere lies. They mean to deceive you. Very few will ever say they are sorry. And, even if they apologize for what they’ve done, be very leery about joining them in a relationship. It will take them years of counseling to undo and unlearn the very nature that made them a good pedophile. Period.

They are not safe people.

If they have told you they are sorry, that is a good beginning. You stay on the other side of the street and listen. Keep yourself away from harm as they try to change and heal. They are not your issue.

You are your issue.

I know it’s difficult when it is a family member. We want their love. We often want their time and attention. Unfortunately, this is based on deceit and lies.

Get on down the road. You will be better there.

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