An Open Letter: To Those That Harm Children

Your secret is known. I will teach the children you hurt to talk. You will be found out. God is watching. He is the witness to each crime you have committed against a child.

I am going to spend my life telling my story and teaching others that were hurt by you to tell their story.

There is a shift in power coming against you. We will stand. We will talk.

Your secrets will be known.

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God is coming against you and we stand with Him!

Published by Gracedxoxo

I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter: To Those That Harm Children

  1. I hate to say have compassion for the abuser but they are the ones who set up the barricades.. We cannot love it, we cannot respect it, we cannot endorse it but somewhere deep inside of every abuser is a heart broken child. Thats the saddest part, they will not face it.

    1. I understand that. I also understand that saying you did something wrong must come before compassion. They bred in our sympathetic compassion! They know we’ll give it, that’s what keeps abusers abusing. We’ve got to get stronger.

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