You’re As Sick As Your Family Secrets

Were you raised in an abusive family? 

Did selfish, abusive or sadistic parents sit at the head of your family table? Did evil permeate your daily childhood existence?

The price we pay to stay connected to our abusers is almost impossible to quantify. The immense burden of carrying around families secrets is a weight so strong it will pull you straight to the bottom of a poisoned well. Once you are there…it is very hard to climb out of. For many, they stay, entombed in fear, living their life submerged, without breath, trapped.

When we are raised in these diabolical family systems, secrets become a fundamental part of the way we live.

We have to keep secrets from the monsters above us, and we have to hold on to their secrets too.

It was wrong then. It’s wrong now.

For you to move forward, to lift that weight off of your chest, you’re going to have to learn how to be honest about yourself, your life, and what you have experienced in the past.

The time for secret keeping is over. It’s time to tell your truth and to acknowledge what happened then, what’s happening now, and what’s going to happen to your tomorrow.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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