Trauma Narratives

❤️Distrusting ourselves can show up in many ways, from ignoring our intuition to not believing our own lived experiences and memories to ignoring our triggers, from not having a clear sense of our own boundaries to being disconnected from our bodies and not trusting what they are telling us.

❤️Many narratives in wellness industries as well as our culture at large tell us that we can unlearn or process deep traumas and we will be healed forever.. When the reality of living with complex trauma, of having lived through decades abuse, is often that we have to learn and relearn to trust ourselves over and over.

❤️There is no ending point to healing. Healing from trauma is not linear. There are many stops and starts.

❤️I believe learning to trust ourselves is something to practice & return to again and again. Each time, hopefully, with a deeper level of trusting in our knowing (and our unknowing), in our worth, in our bodies, in our full selves.

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