Which person really hates themselves? It can feel like we hate ourselves, at times, but we do feed our bodies (most of the time), take bathes, walk, and do a few things that would say we like ourselves.

Ask yourself this question, “Do you like who you are?”

I ask this question to people and the response has always been positive. We do like ourselves. We may not like our upbringing. We may not like our job or who we are married to. But, bottom line, we do like who we are — even if it’s hard to admit.

Anything you like you usually have an obligation to be nice to it, care for it and attend to its needs.

That’s you!

Coming through dark trauma jaded me. I usually took care of the needs of everyone around me, leaving myself in the dark. Whatever I gave to myself were the leftovers of the day. I didn’t ask for much, and that was exactly what I got — not much. What I did give to myself was usually something that caused damage to me (think overdrinking, never eating and so on).


I don’t live that way anymore — well, let’s say I’m learning. I matter. My voice matters. My story matters. My life matters. Unwavering I stand to support myself, my cause, my beliefs.

What a great place to live in.

Take some time to today to tell yourself how much you matter! #youseeyou

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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