How long does it hurt?

We want to know, our partners want to know, our children want to know – how long does healing take? How long before I can move forward? Healing takes time to explore and own your strengths and develop awareness of the many different parts or perspectives you have, and how they work together as an attempt to help or protect you, that you may not know now. When we are dealing with emotional pain or trauma, we have to slow down and take it one step at a time. Healing hurts so many people want to rush through it or avoid it altogether.

Many people have a high capacity to hide the effects of traumatic experiences, not just for days or weeks, but even for decades. Hiding the trauma initially seems like a good strategy of self-protection, but while things may look fine on the outside, the trauma is still being experienced internally. Stress levels may remain high, impacting the person at every level and the painful effects of the injury can, therefore, be triggered at any time.  Eventually, the demons will win out.

Take your time. Go at your own pace. But keep going.

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