The Stay At Home Stoic

Being a stay at home mom has taught me so much about being a good and honorable person. The person I knew was always inside of me but didn’t know how to access. It’s taught me one of the most important life lessons – that we have a responsibility to ourselves and our fellow humans to do the best we can at all times. I carry this vow today with a seriousness and sense of duty that keeps me focused and fulfilled in a way I never thought possible. When you are not given reviews or accolades or any sense of an outline for accomplishment, but have to create that each day for yourself…you learn pretty quickly if you’re up for the task or not.

I really believe our duties in life are the sum of our individual acts, and so all these individual acts should be completed methodically with due care and attention. In other words, I think we should take pride in every small thing we do (down to brushing our teeth) as all the small things add up to provide a reflection of how seriously we take our responsibilities in life.

It’s why half-assing a task feels so disgraceful to me. It truly feels like an affont to my character. It doesnt mean that I don’t rest when I need to (im trying to be better at that) or have to hurry through some tasks out of necessity … it just means that I try to always remain aware through my days that effort, care, and attention are going into everything that I do.

Having pride in everything you do means having strong principles. You’re letting yourself down first and foremost if you half-ass a task.

On the other hand, when you do things right, when you do everything with the same level of effort and commitment, you repeatedly confirm your own character to yourself — you can be content with your efforts and have no regrets.

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