The greatest act of love is vulnerability

So many of us already practice deep resilience. The grounded, raw day-to-day survival of people has as much to teach us as any textbook or intellectual treatise and, if met with humble appreciation, can be illuminating.

People who know what it means to have a kind of survival faith can be teachers.

This discernment of what you need to hang on is the journey of the person wrestling with addiction a day at a time, the one with deep depression searching for meaning anew each morning, the bereaved who pull themselves up the mountain of life.

Vulnerability should be honored not dissected.

Faith requires us to be wide open and it is hard to do that with shields up.

Learning to love is an act of faith and vulnerability. Learning to receive love and give love is the greatest achievement any of us could achieve.


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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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