INCEST Wants You Dead

My heart is grieved by the many suffering through addictions, disabilities, mental health issues like anxiety and eating disorders, and a plethora of other symptoms — too many to name here.

God help us! We need to fight against this like we fight every other crime in America and around the world.

Why aren’t we fighting this crime like we fight other crimes? Where is the voice of all the victims? Their voices are stifled with insecurity, beat down through harm, and deadened by a world that doesn’t want to hear our affliction.

Lord, I pray — no, I beseech you today to bring vindication around the shame and harm that incest leaves in these lives. Stand up for these victims I pray in your powerful, mighty name. Let’s bring this giant of incest toppling down. It’s taken too many victims quietly.

Let’s stand up and fight!

Take your eyes off your abusers. I cannot say this loud enough. So many survivors do not and will not hold their abusers accountable. They sluff it off like you would if someone bullied you. This is much stronger than bullying.

Your life depends on the fight left in you. If you don’t have the strenght to fight, let God do that fighting for you. But, for God’s sake, stand up! Take back your power from these monsters. You do not need them. What they give IS NOT LOVE.

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