Goat vs. Sheep

Goat and sheep are two different species, but both of them belong to the same Bovidae family. There are certain differences between a sheep and a goat; some of these can be seen in terms of appearance, behavior and even diet.

Let’s look at some differences:

Tails: Goat tails are straight while sheep tails are curved at the end.

Horns: Goat horns are much smaller, thinner, and point forward rather than curl along the sides of their heads. Sheep horns grow sideways from their skulls with both sexes sporting them.

Habitat: The main difference between goats and sheep is their habitat. Goats are naturally very agile and sure-footed. They prefer steep, rocky hills where nothing else can survive, while sheep prefer flat, grassy plains. The goat’s agility also helps it avoid predators like wolves and coyotes; the sheep’s lack of agility makes it much easier prey.

Habits: Sheep follow the crowd without questioning anything. They do not like to deviate from the conventional path. Whereas, Goats are adventurous and they like to explore new things in life. They are brave, strong-willed and very intelligent.

Remember, both animals come from the same family yet are uniquely different.

During the holiday season, choose how you will be. You can be in the same family but be very different from the others.

If you are a member of a family of incest — make sure you look different.


I’m pretty sure I’m a goat!

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