More on family secrets ….

The secrets your family forced you to keep were never yours to hold on to. It was wrong of them to use you as the lock on their pain. You have spent all these years holding on to the door and keeping all the light from shining into your own life.

What’s worse is that these secrets have cost you deeply.

They have taught you to lie — to yourself and to the world. They have taught you to freeze and to keep secrets from the other people who you love most in this entire world.

There’s no accident behind the secrets our dysfunctional families keep. The lies and machinations are by design, and that design is aimed at one thing and one thing only: keeping the pain hidden from anyone who could put it to an end.

Like it or not, some toxic and abusive families center around the concept of power. Parents and caretakers at the top can become gods of their own little universes.

Wielding that power ruthlessly, they become addicted to it and fearful of the threat that they may lose it.

Their victims are forced to keep their pain secret, so the power is preserved.

Here’s to taking our power back, kicking down locked doors, and exposing family secrets to the light where they can finally die.

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