Are you trying to find God?

God speaks to us if we are listening. How often do you stop to hear him? Prayer is like a phone call to heaven. When God picks up the phone and says, “Hello,” we hang up because we’ve said all we have to say.

Did we stop and wait for his response?

So many times I just quickly move on, expecting that he’ll answer me somehow. How does God talk to us?

God can use visions, dreams, signs in nature or speak directly to us. Usually his voice is the most calm, natural voice you hear.

I wonder if we don’t chat with God so he can’t chat with us back?

If you hate religion, so does God. Don’t fear a discussion with the Almighty. He longs to listen and speak tender words of compassion back to us.

This is where my deepest healing has come from. At the feet of Jesus!

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