When You Never Feel Quite at Home

Even when you start to heal from your childhood and put the pieces of your life back together…it’s hard to not feel different. Outside of and apart from. I’ve never felt like I fit in anywhere…not even in my own family. And maybe that’s where the feeling originates.

Even if you’re able to rebuild some of your family of origin or create a family of your own… you can still very much feel displaced.

One study conducted pointed to five common elements that they determined were needed to make a home feel like home. Those included: Privacy, comfort, ownership, security, and belonging.

Growing up, my home wasn’t a place of comfort or security. Instead, it was a place of chaos and hurt and pain and abuse.

The very question of “Who am I?” was one I have always struggled to answer. 

But slowly, I have taught myself to look inward. To seek comfort from the one person who can reliably give that to me – myself.

Wherever we are, we bring ourselves with us. And God. So the only place that home can be is really inside of ourselves. When no place feels like home, stop looking outside for a place, a thing, or a person to be our home; rather, search your soul, open your heart, tap into your power and to God, and find your way back to the home that is you.

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