Boundaries are hard after Trauma

Here’s one universal, immutable, absolute truth regarding awakening: through the process of waking up in life, we are gifted with the ability to look around and easily see who’s still asleep – what they still have hidden in their shadows – but under no circumstances can we tell that person what those things are.

Sometimes that’s the hardest part about helping people – there’s not much you can do if they’re not ready. If they don’t have their seeking mechanism engaged.

What I’ve learned is there needs to be a limit. There needs to be firm boundaries set into place because more often than not, a helping hand can easily turn into a crutch. While crutches are sometimes necessary, relying on them for too long weakens the other person and leaves them codependent and reliant on you to survive.

Funny this is, I was once this person … the person people had to set boundaries with. And it’s truly tough to be on both sides.

From an outsiders perspective, it can be hard to understand:

How could you know you’re about to crash into a wall and still refuse to turn the wheel?

Let people grow on their own level. Don’t try to pull them up just because you can. Your intention may be helping but in reality you are changing their path.

It’s their experience, their journey and their challenges to overcome. Leave them be unless they come to you for help.

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