Writing Your Pain

We write openly about our sexual childhood abuse, not only because we need to express but because we want to shine some light on this difficult healing path.

We are blessed to be exceedingly strong and resilient, and many years into our healing journey, so we can be a beacon to guide some who might still be grappling.

We also hope that it can teach others to share and use writing of their own stories as a release, a healing, a way to bridge the divide.

Bottled up emotion cramps our ability to express what we want to express, the good stuff, the creativity that’s unrelated to the abuse. We can’t do our best writing until we get this venomous junk out. Our creative channels will be clogged until we purge the painful secrets festering there.

So, write on as long as you need to and never apologize.

Write on and never be embarrassed if you’ve covered this territory a bunch of times already. Each time we address the pain of abuse, we learn and grow. We need to write about the same issue many times, many different ways, because we see everything differently, year after year, the more we heal.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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