Resilience …

Resilience does not mean merely surviving trauma – it means finding ways to heal and learning practices to maintain perspective and stability in situations that might be traumatic.

So how do we build resilience? I have fresh appreciation now for the amazing, complex brain that God designed to help us perceive threats and stress and regulate our emotions and our nervous system.

Our brain is integrally linked with the rest of our physical bodies – so sometimes physical actions (deep breathing, movement) can help to relieve mental or emotional stress, or physical pain can be a source of psychological or mental stress.

This is why we are told that it is important to exercise, get good sleep, and eat healthy to promote mental and emotional well-being.

Prayer, meditation, and being in nature are also important for me to nurture my spiritual life and relationship with God, which helps me build resilience by reminding me of God’s perspective and presence.

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