F N’ F

On the discussion of fear — ask yourself this question: “Are you a perfectionist? Too strong of a statement? Ok — Do you carry a lot of eternal pressure?

I have a lot of internal pressure I put on myself. Self-imposed perfection that I strive for. Self-imposed fear of failure and fear of disappointing others. I impose a strict standard by which I should dress, look, act, and eat. Oh dear — my list goes on and on.

The action of self-imposing these treacherous duties does nothing to help me. Rather, it increases my fears and anxieties.

For heavens sake — why do I do this to myself? This isn’t God, my husband or my children doing this — it’s me!

“Father, remind me today and everyday that I am enough. That your gifts to me are more than certain. They cover a multitude of sins and bring a multitude of blessings. May my focus become more about eternity that what is happening around me today. I win! In Jesus Mighty Name – Amen.”

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