We Need Others To Heal

One of the ways in restoring safety in my body was going against my huge resistance of seeking support when I needed to.

When a person has been conditioned by family and social systems that they have to do everything alone and be “independent” reaching out to take the hand of another, to ask for what they need or say how they are truly feeling is a really hard thing.

By identifying our core wounds and developing awareness around them being able to recognise when they are playing out in current relationships is key in changing the pattern or behaviour.

We are not capable of healing in isolation.

We need other people. We need each other.

We are hurt in relationship and we heal in relationship.

Our brain and nervous system are not isolated, but interconnected and social.

At our core, we are social beings who regulate through connection with others.

Being comfortable in your own skin and having tools that help you relax is a really big deal, but learning how to feel safe with others is revolutionary.

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