Grace is not Magic

Often grace has been more like a kind of healing glue in the midst of brokenness. Grace is not magic that eliminates the need for ownership or self-compassion. It cannot stop evil in it’s tracks nor heal your wounds automatically.

I always wanted my help to come in the form of spontaneous healing. A big loud unmistakable hand reaching through the clouds. I couldn’t see it at the time, but there were safety nets all around me. I felt like I was free falling but I was not.

For me, as for others, there have been long dark periods of struggle along the way to healing, and time when I have not been able to perceive or reach or even feel God. Still, there have been many ways in which I have experienced God, particularly in the hard labor of active striving. Sometimes it has been precisely at the moments when I have stood on the floor of my pain, however, that I have known a silent presence of grace. 

I needed acknowledgment but I also need to see an active form of justice. A loving God must do more than apologize, suffer, and heal our wounds. The truth must be told, evil named, injustice condemned, and wickedness fought on our behalf.

Victims of abuse need a God who will judge the real good from ill and who will fight for them.

We are not left alone to fight evil.

Children who grow up with lies need most for the truth to be told. It helps restore trust in the good. 

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