You are changing every day ….

Happy Friday!

I have realized a very big thing this past year:

I can change a self-defeating behavior!

I have practiced being more present with the people who are in my life, and have consciously developed my capacity to feel connected.

This is huge.

I’ve also discovered:

Any one thing you do will have a ripple effect on the others. Don’t push so hard you freak out and give up. Just take small steps every day. There is no more powerful strategy for integrating real change in your life over time.

I didn’t see it at the time, but each tiny step, taken once or twice a day, took me the distance I am at today.

My words of encouragement for today?

Healing usually feels messy at first; don’t worry about that. Because I promise you, that if you continue to make an effort steadily, things begin to come together. You can feel better today and you can build your recovery over time. It’s totally doable. You are doing it!

You’ve got this.  


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