Trick Your Brain into Happiness

I overcame so many dark moments with the realization that I didn’t want my father to win—in the midst of all the pain (much of it caused by him), I didn’t want him to win.

I wanted to take my power back.

At some point, something inside me shifted into a determination for me to win, to live, and to make choices for myself that would give me freedom and the opportunity to live a life that I wanted, on my terms.

Today, I certainly still struggle but I make my own peace a priority and choose to do one thing every day to make myself smile and feel joy.

Every day, when I wake up, say ‘This is going to be a good, joyful day.’

I set the intention—even if I don’t feel like it.

Our thoughts really do determine how we respond to the things that happen every day.

You brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and what you tell it is reality. It definitely takes practice but eventually you start to notice the shift.

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