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On the discussion of fear — ask yourself this question: “Do you fear people?

I feared everything about them — on the inside of my house, that is. Outside of the house, I was okay, well, kind of.

People pleasing is fear. I was an ass-kisser for the early part of my life. I believed, wrongly, that if I pleased people they wouldn’t hurt me! Boy was I mistaken. When I was a door mat, they hurt me more.

Being obsessed with the way we look is fear. Wanting another person’s blessing or even just a smile, we painstakingly care more about what others think of us then we care to think of ourselves. Poppycock! Their opinion of you should make no difference, but it usually does. FEAR!

I won’t have enough in life — fear based thinking.

Gaining the approval of people is also fear based thinking. If we measure our success by the way another person measures us, we will most likely fail at some point. Think not? What do you do when a person removes their approval?

Thinking that the person next to you will do it for you — victim mentality — fear based. Giving all of your worth, your talent, your gifts to another person is placing your trust in a ship that is sinking.

I believe that God designed us to be wholly capable of walking our lives out with just him at the helm. Of course we need others beside us, but not as our measure of worth.

I know God has taught me to see myself. What a gift that is! When you remove your eyes from the person who hurt you or the persons you fear, you are doing it! Walking without fear of judgment.

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