It shouldn’t hurt to be a child…

Children everywhere, just surviving. Growing up to be adults who can’t care for themselves let alone children of the next generation.

Typically, we think of childhood as the most carefree period in life. The work of being a child includes running, playing, engaging in fantasy, and living a carefree existence. Those of us who have had a happy and healthy childhood often yearn to return to that state of bliss; a time without the burdens and pressures we face daily as adults.

But not every child experiences childhood as blissful. For children who experience childhood trauma, childhood is lonely and isolating, hurtful and dangerous. 

The reality is, all of us must return to our childhoods. Either to visit the happy memories or take the hand of the child inside and lead them to a safer place and make those happy memories together.

Our inner child is a portal to the good experiences as well as childhood fears, traumas, neglect or significant losses.

We may not, but our inner child remembers everything and they are always communicating with us…
we just need to learn to listen. And eventually, take action.

So go into the fire, that little person is waiting for you to rescue them.


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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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