Allowing the past while embracing the future…

Faulkner wrote: “The past is never dead; it is not even past.”

Many of us knew long before science began to prove it: that generational violence is handed down biologically.

You can see it in families where emotional and sexual abuse is handed down through the generations.

It goes on and on.

It’s not hard to see the impact of trauma around us.

But trauma and the horrific nature of it, when faced, can bring about a very deep kind of waking up. Of coming alive.

Many of you know Leonard Cohen’s well-known line: “In the broken places the light shines through.”

It is true. When we deepen our focus and open our hearts: In the broken places the light shines through…

There is too a sorrow beyond all grief which leads to joy and a fragility
out of whose depths emerges strength.

B 🤍

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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