F N’ F (Fear Not Friday)

It’s been a hard journey for me to find and believe in a Heavenly Father that loves, forgives, encourages, and believes in me. A father is supposed to protect. I had no experience with any of this. None — absolutely nothing from my father but murder, rape, and mayhem.

How do I learn and reteach my soul that God is on my side? The wedge of distrust is so deep in me at times. Today I will remember:

  • God is for me, not against.
  • God wants me to succeed.
  • God longs to bring his love fuller and deeper into my life.
  • God will protect me.
  • God is not the one that wanted me abused and damaged.

“Lord, help me see you for who you are. Please remove the overlay on my eyes that came from an incestous, abusive father. Let me see you for who you are in a deeper way today. Please remove the decay and the swirling of rejection that my soul fights with. I need your help today, as I need your help every day.”


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