Does Wickedness Prevail?

What is wickedness? It’s not a word we use much any more. It means “the quality of being evil or morally wrong.”

Morally wrong? What does that mean? Seems that it means nothing these days. Isn’t everything okay now? If everything is okay and there is no line between what is morally right and what is morally wrong, does that mean that wickedness is prevailing?

The problem with taking away the lines of what God has called right and wrong is that all injustices can be chalked up to nothing.

Nothing is what exists when morality decays.

I believe with everything in me that crimes against children come from the depths of hell — Satan’s plan. It certainly isn’t God’s plan that children are raped, abused, and maimed.

Why is it that society has an easier time adjusting to false beliefs than standing up for what is right?

Not taking childhood tragedies into account in the lives of grown ups, we limp along in society filling in the blanks. And, those blanks are being filled in wrong. The bittersweet content of an abused child’s life needs to be heard, it needs to be explored, and the world needs to have the courage to listen.

How can we help stop wickedness today? We can listen intently to the war stories of yesterday with compassion and through empathy by investing our time to realities that are not our own.

Don’t give in to the falsehoods that time erases all pain and our past does not dictate our future. Pain deserves a reckoning and our past does lead our future if we don’t explore it.

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