Courage to Fail

The world seems to tell us to show up all put together, doesn’t it?

Tragedies of all kinds demand attention. When we look at our hurts, we’re not okay. If we we are okay seeing our scars, are we really seeing them for what they are? Not being a bystander in my own story caused the most growth in my life.

Healing may feel more messy than the abuse itself. While the abuse is happening, we’re on auto-pilot. Our childlike minds create a fantasy of reality. We are not able to see the abuse in its full content as children.

When we’re grown, only then are we able to return to that memory with strength, courage, and honesty. Only then are we able to focus on what damage that abuse left in our lives but it takes great bravery to get there. I’ve seen so many people suffering alone as a result of the damage they received in childhood. Unable to show up messy, they limp along like everything is okay.

Everything is not okay.

So many folks believe that their past does not influence their today. Sadly, this is an obvious error.

Having the courage to face the dragons of our made-up stories, tearing apart the falsity we erected around the sexual abuse to survive — this is what will produce growth in our present life.

Find the moxie to get weak in reality and open that prison door that’s locked you inside.


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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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