A Spark of Fire

A Spark of fire, a moment to live,
This is all I ask to survive,
I can’t breathe, I cannot think, I need peace and quiet,
A spark of fire, a moment to live.
As time passes by and my abuse grows in the distance,
the pain lingers still,
I have a hard time focusing.
I need a spark of fire, a moment to live.

Doesn't it seem like a lifetime ago that the rape happened?
Why does it still camp in my soul?
I cannot release the suffering.
I need a spark of fire, a moment to breathe. 

The duty to heal myself is above my ability,
Why must I now find more strength?
I cannot locate the axe I need to cut down this dismal tree.
I need a spark of fire, a moment to breathe.

Come Lord Jesus, quickly, so I can stand another day.
This isn't a journey I can do without you.
I need your spark of fire and your love to breathe.

Can I make it alone? Do I want to?
Come Lord Jesus, quickly, and teach me to breathe.

Published by Gracedxoxo

I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

3 thoughts on “A Spark of Fire

  1. You are brave in telling your story…I do encourage you to try the haibun form which consists of prose or storytelling along with a haiku. It’s a challenging, yet flexible poetry form. Hope to see you in the cafe again soon ♥️

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