Mirror Mirror ~ Caught Red-Handed ~

Introspection — what better way to start a week.

Question: How would your life have played out differently if your abuser was caught red-handed?

Star Telegram headline, “Teen records Texas man groping her on flight, feds say. Now he’s going to prison.” The man received 20 months in prison. You see he was caught red-handed. If she didn’t have that recording it would be her word against his.

How often do pedophiles get caught red-handed? Not often enough!

My father even got away with murder. Oh, he apologized to me on his death bed but the question is: how would my life have looked different?

If my father and his best friend would have been caught for taking the life of that woman, I could have received help then. I would have received some comfort then. I could have told my story then as a child. Instead, I received no comfort. When I did tell, I received hatred from my family to keep our skeletons hidden. The murder was only one small piece of my lonely, incestuous childhood.

How would my life have looked different?

I’ll never know but I won’t stop telling my story. I will not listen to the voices that call me a liar.

It is never too late to tell your story!

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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