Grief in Our World

The latest murders deafen our hearts with mystery and pain. Why?

We will never know the why but I wonder what makes these atrocities activate in a human soul?

I wonder if these souls have unspoken tragedy?

One thing I know is society as a whole needs to work on solutions. Here’s a heartbreaking statistic:

Millions of children coming into adult years shredded. It’s estimated that there are 60,000 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in American today.

And, what does society tell them – keep that shit quiet! Don’t disturb our peace. Act like everything is okay.


The jagged layers built upon the secrecy of these crimes builds prisons around survivors. Don’t fool yourself that you’re okay without help. That simple is not true.

The CDC recognizes the problem but still we do little to reform and help.

This is a call to arms!

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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