Murder & Mayhem

Chaos creates chaos. Plant a carrot seed and you will grow a carrot.

Why then is it so difficult to understand how hard it is to come through a life of childhood trauma. You don’t just put it away and move on. You either get sucked into denial, become an abuser or work every day to redeem the parts of you that were abducted in childhood.

Release the anguish — release the pain. Find the true meaning of who you are by finding your story. Tell your story. Don’t hide it in religion or addiction. Speak the truth boldly.

God wants you to.

Don’t blame — it does you no good.

Self pity is an absolute road block.

It has been difficult to remove what happened to me and keep the parts that are truly who I am.

I’m not a codependent ass-kisser any more, but my love language is acts of service. The two look alike but one takes from me — the other gives.

I know how to stand up and war like a lion, and I also know how to submit to a lion out of love.

Untangle your web and discover who you are!

After all, even wild flowers have beauty!

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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