Mirror Mirror

Introspection — what better way to start a week.

Mother’s Day was yesterday. The day was terribly hard for me. When I chose to stand up and fight this enemy of incest, I knew the battle would not be an easy one. I stay true to that commitment even when it hurts. And, it hurts.

Why does it hurt to heal?

I always think this is the last time I have to walk through a door to the past and bring out that little hurting girl. I remember my counselor of many years, Redmond, telling me it may never end completely. I don’t like that answer but now I know how to get through it.

The fog of dissociation begins to reel the film forward in my soul. I am glad yesterday is over.

I am so happy that I am a mother and can love my family more each time I peel another layer from my past off of me. I’m left in a better condition but surgery hurts.

Question: How do you recognize the fog of dissociation? What is it speaking to you?

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