You Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

Don’t children often blame themselves?

Coming through abuse I not only blamed myself, but surmised I wasn’t worth very much. I couldn’t be and be treated the way I was treated.

What value did I have?

Very little.

Was I valued because I was born? Did I find worth in my parents’ eyes because I had talent?

The only value they gave me is what I could give to them. Better said, what they could take from me. That’s it. After the taking was done, I was left with no value to them.

So, they discarded me.

Abusers only hang around when they can abuse. When the abusing stops, they have little use for you.

It wasn’t through the fault of my showing up in their life that I was abused. My abuse was not about me — it was about them.

I did nothing wrong to receive the horrible mistreatment they gave me. My value doesn’t come through them anymore.

I’m taking that blank check back from them, filling in my worth and cashing it! It doesn’t belong to them.


Published by Gracedxoxo

I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

2 thoughts on “You Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

    1. I am sorry to hear that. I wish our stories didn’t exist but they do. Glad to see you back! I’m hear for all of us. Contending for what is right.

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