Caress Your Soul

Talk about loving yourself or self-care often evokes the needs around caring for our body — you know, our flesh. A spa treatment, a facial or a nice glass of wine with the sun shining down on you. All matters relating to our skin and bones.

What about the care of our souls? What would that look like?

Doesn’t the best connection to another human being often happen in this realm? The realm of our souls through deep conversation or sharing a secret part of you with someone.

When our bodies are raped, the heaviest damage happens in our souls, doesn’t it? Oh, I remember the blood from being raped by my father, but that bleeding stopped. What didn’t stop was the bleeding in my soul.

A broken heart heals when we allow a love from outside of this earth to embrace us. A God bigger than our circumstances. A healing balm from the heart of heaven.

That’s what my soul needs.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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