Rain from Heaven

How have I made it this far? The refreshing rain that comes daily from above.

Tragedies stack up and life continues, the saving grace is just that: saving grace.

When I was a child, I didn’t dream often. There was nothing to dream about. As a matter of fact, I hated dreaming. My dreams were plagued with death and mayhem. It’s only now that I’ve begun to dream.

Oh, I had huge dreams for my children. Bigger than any love I’d ever felt. Then, my ex-husband dashed those dreams to pieces; staggering my heart’s ability to breath.

There are places in my heart God still needs to find. He’ll expose them to bring His light and His love. But, it hurts.

“Father, my girls, what about my girls.”

These words darken the deepest recess of my mind. They penetrate my heart and are a stark comparison to the dreams I once had for them. They’ve known fear and pain in a way I thought I’d be able to keep them from. But, I didn’t keep them from it.

I was too lost in my own journey to protect them.

Why do I need the refreshing rain from heaven? To carry on. To fight. To stand. To rest.

He knows.

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