With a Cautious Word

When I first began to tell my story, I was fearful. I felt unbelieved. I had no witness to corroborate the crimes I’d lived through.

A strange thing began to happen as I talked. People did listen, whether they wanted to or not, my story was being heard.

I received a call one day from my brother’s ex-wife. She said, “Jodie, your brother told the children that you believe Papa murdered a woman and buried her on the property. Then he told them that you are crazy. Would you be willing to come over and talk with the kids about this?”

I told her I would absolutely come and chat with them.

My nephew and niece were probably 9 and 11, or somewhere in that age bracket.

I started by telling them they were far too young to have been involved in this conversation, but that I was willing to tell them the truth. I left out most details but confirmed that Papa had indeed killed a woman in front of me when I was a child and buried her on his property.

My brother built a home on my parents’ property and he lived their with his children and his wife for a few years. After the divorce, they all moved from the property.

My nephew said to me, “Aunt Jodie, how did the woman die? I was playing one day on the property and saw a blonde woman coming out of the woods with her throat slit.”

I nearly had to leave the room when I heard his words. How could he have possibly known this?

Who was the witness that could have brought this information to light?

I believe that God is constantly watching. He is omnipresent; that is, present in all places at all times.

I was learning that I did have a witness. God saw it ALL and it built my faith.

Today, it is with a word of caution to my abusers that I proclaim my truth loudly. I no longer fear them and the repercussions they bled into my soul; that was all a lie.

They should fear because I walk with the King of the universe. The God of angel armies is on my side.

Do not fear them.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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