Demand An Answer

Don’t walk away from the person that abused you and say nothing. Turn to them, look them squarely in the face, and demand an answer from them. Oh, they most likely won’t give you one, but ask for it anyway.

Give yourself a gift!

I stayed intimidated and looked the other way for years. That kept me in bondage to them. When I was no longer silent, it changed the relationship with them. All of them.

The problem — they were my family.

I demanded an answer anyway.

When I looked the other way, I kept picking other abusive people to be in my life. The pattern of the victim stayed with me because I allowed it to stay with me. I hadn’t learned the art of standing up for myself.

That had been taken from me — the belief that I mattered.

When you matter, you speak up!

Stop the intimidation of your abuser. Speak out about what they did to you. Tell your cat first for practice, then go to an aunt or uncle, tell a grandparent. If no one listens, tell someone else that will. Don’t stop until your story is heard.

I don’t care that it cost me every relationship with the family I came through. They didn’t believe I mattered. I believe I do!

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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