A Stolen Birthright

It is the right of every child to be loved. It is the right of every child to receive protection. It is the right of every child to be encouraged. It is the right of every child to not be abused.

This is a God given birthright that is so often destroyed and neglected. This does not mean that it wasn’t intended for you.

My mother used to tell me that God allowed my parents to abuse me. She said, “He is sovereign and he allowed you to go through this.”


God is sovereign and He is so good He allows choice. It was her and my father’s decision to abuse me, not God’s choice.

A birthright of mine was taken by my parents. I believe that God is in the business of restoration. He will restore me to and my children all that my parents took.

My innocence. My peace. My joy. Any love that could have been given to me, was taken.

It’s okay now. I see through the destruction that they heaped into my life. They don’t own me anymore. God does.

You want to hurt me now? You’ll have to chat with God first.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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