A Perishable Ransom

“You are a child of the devil and an enemy of everything that is right! You are full of all kinds of deceit and trickery.

acts 13:10

Did you know words like this were in the bible? Doesn’t this sound like the life of a pedophile?

Deceit and trickery ruled my childhood but it wouldn’t last. It was destined to fail. Like an ice cream cone in the sun, so is a person who builds their life on falsehoods and destruction.

Don’t fear evil people — fear the one they follow. There is a battle of good and evil that is being fought every day.

Which side will you fight for? Which side will you choose?

The crimes of most abusers include lust, overconsumption, greed, sloth, rage, envy and pride. With these tools they try to hold your life with the same ransom.

When you are free to leave an abuser, their ways want to follow you — mocking you if you try to leave them behind. Outbursts of anger, lust for things and people, envy to be something different and pride that tries to hide it all.

Don’t be caught in this captivity. Watch for it. Leave it behind. Fill your life with good.

A ransom is something that is paid to provide for the release of someone who is held captive. Jesus paid our ransom to free us from all of this.

This is the ransom I will choose.

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