Dog Days of Heaven

The term dog days of summer dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. The star Sirius was known as the “dog star.” When it appeared in the sky the hottest days of summer would be arriving. This would inevitability be a period of inactivity or sluggishness.

Do you know God wants us to rest?

God created the sabbath for that very reason — a day for man to rest.

How many of us truly know how to rest? Isn’t that what mindfulness is supposed to induce?

Rest in this culture is tricky. If you are doing something, that’s not rest.

My favorite time of summer is gazing over a body of water literally doing nothing else. When do I do that in my life? Sit and gaze.

“Peace! Be still!” One of my favorite things that Jesus said. Healing comes in this deep stillness. Maybe in the form of tears, maybe just in the stillness itself.

Seek time to be alone. Seek time to be still. My greatest times of healing were found here.

Peace, Be Still

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