Pedophiles think they have it all under control. But, they don’t. They are seriously quite frail in life. A featherweight by definition is a person or thing not worth serious consideration. This class of losers are exactly that.

With any confrontation, they resist the truth with everything in them. Rejection is something they cannot withstand, so they leave. Rejection is the very reason why most of them abuse. They long for acceptance and unconditional love by someone who does not have the power to reject or hurt them. They are cowards.

Reject them if you want them to leave you alone.

I haven’t met an abusers that will stand next to rejection. They hate it! Give it to them by walking away. Don’t play the game with them. You reject. They chase. You return. The dance can go on for decades.

Stop the dance.

While I believe it is God’s job to heal my broken heart and He has, it is my job to keep a steady distance between me and those that hurt me.

Why do we feel the need to protect them? Even our anger towards them is a form of protection because it keeps us bound to them.

Move on down the road. That’s where peace lives. That’s where turmoil stops and healing begins.

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