Tortured, But Not Betrayed

If I were left with just my story, not sure I would have made it very far in life. The imprint of abuse left me serving the very people who tortured me.

My chatter about God is not to be religious — its not to show now that I am good. It is the plight that saved me. The Jesus of the bible is amazingly wonderful. His love helps cast out my shadows of doubt. His protection floated me through times when I could not stand. His grace relieved the pain and infliction my own choices brought to me.

He has never betrayed me. He simply cannot.

Everything in this life could betray me and many times it did. That left my heart tattered and my soul unwilling to try. The many relationships I believed would protect me, did not.

Pausing to look at all of the good in my life, I see the Hand of God upon it. There has been tragedy, that’s for sure. Sometimes that loss has toppled me — brought me to my knees, but it hasn’t stopped me. It can’t.

Faith is the wind beneath my wings.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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