Stretch Out Your Arms

To a God that is able to help you. This isn’t weakness, it’s strength. You cannot do this healing journey alone. You were not meant to.

Have you ever asked yourself the question why you prefer to try to heal yourself?

The treacheries and betrayal our hearts have endured leave an impactful imprint. It screeches to us day and night – hide. Hide from love. Hide from being seen. Hide your innermost parts from more harm.

Have you ever hid something of value so it couldn’t be stolen? Like money or a nice piece of jewelry?

What happens to it when you hide it?

Nothing happens to it. It stays hidden.

The same thing is true of our pain. When we hide it — nothing happens to it.

I learned that I didn’t have to trust people first. The first person I trust was God. He moved me away from fear. His steps lead me away from harm. His love healed me. It’s a process but each day holds another lovely step forward — away from my past and the harm that lived there.

You can do it! Just reach out to Jesus and ask. It’s His job to do the rest. Trust me — He knows how.

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