Jewels, Gems & Gunpowder

I would love to hear from you! Sharing Saturday with you.

Jewel: Have you ever noticed how abusers need you not in times when they are flourishing? Abusers come to you in their time of need. And, what do we do as their victims? Feel a guilt trap to help them.

Not so for me anymore.

It’s not because they didn’t help me when I needed help, and it’s not because they are beginning to speak the truth.

I don’t listen to their cries for attention anymore. I’m free from that nonsense. They don’t need me — they just hope that it will comfort their losses. And, you can be sure, that all abusers have great losses.

Gem: I used to find my worth in doing all I could do for those that wronged me. I don’t have that need anymore. I found my worth far away from them.

Metaphorical Gunpowder: I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14. I take no confidence in my ability to overcome. My confidence lives at the Thorne of a great big God. I am protected. I am loved. No one can get through Him.

Leave a one line jewel, a one line gem or something you kept yourself free from with metaphorical gunpowder.

Blessings to you!

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