Broken Bones

When we break a bone in our body, we carefully tend to it. We go to a doctor and have it repaired. We are cautious with the part that was broken, so we don’t further injury it. We coddle it.

Wouldn’t that be a splendid thing if we looked at our broken hearts with the same respect?

Instead, we hide our broken areas — shoving them down, out of the way.

This perpetuates the problem. The unhealed pieces in us — stay unhealed. We need to treat our internal wounds with the same effort we treat any other broken part of our body.

Who taught us that our internal pain shouldn’t be seen? It’s a great question to ask. If we weren’t taught to deny it, we wouldn’t.

Those bleeding internal streams have to be dealt with. If not, they corrode our internal strength and take away our moral fiber.

Stop giving your heart away. Take it back. Help it mend. God is waiting for your to ask.

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