Purity and Protection

Sometimes I’m envious when I hear a life unweathered by the storms of childhood sexual abuse. They come complete with items I just didn’t grow up with. Things like protection, innocence — peace.

I longed for those things.

They other afternoon, I closed my eyes to breathe in for a minute. A white-feathered waist length cloak was being wrapped around me by angels. I wondered what the meaning was. This feathered shawl was absolutely beautiful. The white shown like glistening snow.

My weekend was marked with some suffering — you know those kind. I wept at the feet of Jesus and clung to him while years of painful experience at the lack of injustice raced from my eyes, down my face, to my heart.


White is the most common feather symbolism and that’s for a good reason. It’s the color of the feathers of the God’s angels. The white feathers symbolize protection and a sign that you’re getting the divine help that you’re asking

My crying out to Him was heard. I knew what He was telling me.

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