Jewels, Gems & Gunpowder

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Jewel: Overcome with grief I carry on. All the injustices that go unnoticed in this world. All the rapes and murders that no one sees or even seems to care about. Where is the justice for these crimes? Sometimes it seems there is no justice here.

Millions cry out to God daily for justice. Daily for the arrogant liars to be called out. Daily a cry for mercy to have their pain stop.

Who sees this on earth? Who cares?

My heart is moved for every innocent victim that goes unseen, uncared for and unloved. I am sorry. I am so sorry.

Gem: God is our witness. God cares and is moved deeply by our pain and suffering. He notices. He sees. He will act on our behalf. Of this I am certain.

Metaphorical Gunpowder: I will not believe the lies of my past — that I am unworthy and unloved.

Find peace today.

Leave a one line jewel, a one line gem or something you kept yourself free from with metaphorical gunpowder.

Happy Saturday!

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