Pain is a Pansy

The Urban Dictionary defines a pansy as weak and hyper sensitive, often acting like everything is a bigger problem than it actually is, and in most cases, beats themselves up over stupid things.

Isn’t that precisely what it feels like to live with pain?

While encased in the throws of deep healing, I was a bit of a pansy but I was hyper vigilant to keep myself locked away — away from others. I went to work, the grocery story and the often happy hour, but I was far from available and open.

I was closed by pain. Too weak to establish relationships I limped along, often with the wrong people. That was a choice, too. If I picked the wrong people, I knew I wouldn’t be staying too long.

I was working out my pain.

I beat myself up often for the choices I made, dumbfoundedly unaware that pain was driving me.

Pain was making me a pansy.

I had to find my pain, dissect it, ask God to remove it and get on down the road.

I am no longer that pansy.

Abuse can often leave us devastated because pain has made us an easy mark.

What if we earnestly ask our Heavenly Father who we should be joined to in our relationships?

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